Quest Bird's Home


Control, Change and the Internet

My thesis examines the historical evolution of the logical, social and (to a lesser extent) physical structures of the Internet, and the connections between these structures.

Sharkey's World

Here is no life, no sound but light and motion. I wait by the statue as Sharkey circles his world in his white space-suit, eyes and mouth frozen closed in a faint smile.

The Quest

In 1995, I undertook a Quest: to ride around Australia on a bicycle.



Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet. The great houses of the imperium vie with each other for the precious spice.


"Sundered from us by gulfs of time and stranger dimensions dreams the ancient world of Nehwon with its towers and skulls and jewels, its swords and sorceries."


On a cold clear Saturday in early September the invitees to one of author William Keen's literary luncheons gathered at his house in Boston. The year was 1927.