original map of lankhmar region

About the Nehwon maps

All of these maps were originally hand drawn, mostly in black and white (like the image on the right), and have been scanned and colourised (using the GIMP, a Photoshop-like tool) before uploading here. To colourise them, I just added several semi-transparent layers, such as water, mountains, plains, swamps and forests.

Web presentation

I originally experimented with Flash. However, having been burned by web standards (or their lack) I wanted a way to present these maps in a way that they could be viewed in any browser without any special plugins or single-browser features. Originally I used a table-based layout, but I changed to cascading stylesheets, which I'm much more pleased with. Have a look at the code if you're interested in such stuff. The map stylesheet is called map.css

Table-based layout

north arrow (ghosted)
west arrow (ghosted) 200 kilometres (125 miles)

link to
  lankhmar-district.html link to innersea.html
east arrow (ghosted)
south arrow (ghosted)
mini-map of Lankhmar region
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CSS layout

north arrow (ghosted)

200 kilometres (125 miles)

west point Map of the Lankhmar region link to lankhmar-district.html link to innersea.html east point
south arrow

mini-map of lankhmar region
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This version allows the text to be written next to the map easily, without being obscured by table code.