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A Conversation with the King

[Monday, February 22, 2000]

Griflet's Report: "The King is mad, long live the King."


"Dear King we have travelled far and have finally found you. I greet thee O Lord with all due reverance. (Ettiquette gestures etc.) We have journeyed far and escaped many jaws but it is not your freedom we come to give you, nor is it a simple homage mission, we have brought you this stone that is so akin to your madness I thought it only appropriate that you should hold it here in this nuthouse. Look how craftily the smiths have forged this Law into Chaos as you yourself have been thrown. Is it not ironic? But forgive me lord for I am not the craftsman but simply the porter. I would like to give this gift to you...if of course you will accept it. If not however I am no stranger to regicide and in this ruin here I will end Chaos and Order, and bind you forever to the dust that lays on this prison floor. My lord we are here to serve you, loyal servant's are we."


"The was Coryon's. I know his work. Did you ever meet my son, Loyal Porter? Ah but I can see in your eyes that you have [Celedril grimaces with pain, and his red-stained hand clutches his gaping belly-wound]. Neither freedom nor homage, you say? Fool! Do you think I do not know what you seek? But you shall need both my blessing and my blood and you shall have NEITHER... yes your line shall wither and die as mine has..."

"Coryon was a good child. Has he grown strong? How could he have done this? Maybe he did not. Maybe you did this, who say you are a porter? Perhaps I must...cut you, hmm yes I must. [eyes wide and staring] I knew it when he did this [gestures to the Icon of the Dragon]. Did it for me, for revenge but wrongly, wrongly. I WILL NOT BE IMPRISONED! But..I cannot..."

[more calmly] "The Stone...Porter! Tell me of my sons and my sons' sons. How fare they? It is...long since I have seen them."


"Your sons are dead and the elves are lost. Coryon's city is in ruin as too is Imric's Hold. Our people have scattered and roam without determination and always at the edge there is Chaos and its minions looming, waiting...."

"I know not what to do my lord. I too am lost and found you here."

"That wound milord it looks deep but maybe I could fix it, here let me look at it...?"


"NO, DO NOT TOUCH ME...ah, dead, you say? Ruins? Lost, lost, all lost to Chaos and me and you and your friends too...[he trails off, uncertainly] But I am not dead! I live [pauses, pales, clutches the wound (which truly looks grevious and beyond physicking). He opens his mad green eyes and stares coldly at you.] I Coryon lives, which is not life at all, I WILL NOT DIE...I know what I must do, Loyal Porter, but why must I do what I must do?" [an intense effort contorts Celedril's gaunt features. His other hand convulses on the blood-encrusted arm of his throne. He speaks clearly and quietly.]

I know what you must do.
I know what I must do.
I will cut you with my rune.
I have three sons;
Three witnesses.
I will issue three commands.
"What is your name, Loyal Porter? Step forward, that I may see you, and then cut you! AND THEN YOU WILL OBEY. COME HERE!"


"Ummm....With all due respect your Majesty I'd rather you didn't."


[breathing deeply, speaking slowly and carefully] "Ah, you fear me, stranger? Perhaps it is wise, for I am...seldom myself these days. I see from your garb that you are a loyal elf of House Protector. But whom do you protect? If, as you say my...sons are dead and my people scattered, who do you serve? I am your king, your allegiance is due to me. But, I have been dying for so long now and I will never leave this place. I WILL N-not listen to the one within. But you must listen to me, and heed my last commands, for time is short, even in this place outside Time."

How can the line continue, how can the People be saved?
I will adopt you as my third son
And I will mark you with my rune in the presence of these here,
That others may know my will.
For the time of the old kings is ended
And our palaces are ruins.

Then heed well my orders,
For the taint of Chaos must be thrice removed:

First the Law Stone must be cleansed
By immersion in my royal blood.

Second, cleanse my dynasty:
There must be but one king.

Third, with rightness in your heart
Cleanse the land which Chaos has fouled.

[he sighs and closes his eyes with weariness] "Now will you step forward and name yourself?"


[steps forward] "I am Griflet Gracyon of the House Protector my lord and I'm not afraid to lead my lord.  I will do as you say for there seems little choice."

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