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A Walk with Leonore

[Monday, June 14, 2002]

Griflet's Report: "It is good to find time to talk with a friend."

A WALK WITH LEONORE - Day of the Parrot (11th), Seed Moon, Year of the Lamia

"Leonore! Has your strength regrouped yet?"

"Thank you Griflet. I feel much better. It seems much has transpired since my imprisonment in that tower." He gestures to the workers and the business of the compound. "Did you discover this land on your travels? I suppose it is a desolate part of the world, but strange that nobody lives here but us."

"Oh poor Leonore I have not told you enough. After defeating Coryon`s horrible abomination, I followed the whispers of the law stone which lead me into the Quarmall Barrens and plant the stone here. After doing so the Barrens were vanquished and the Stone brought back the life long lost to this area. This land is the the meeting of the lays and the triangle of Law has been re-established!"

"I am impressed, Griflet, with your own Geomancy!"

You wink "Action is my business Leonore. I have no time for the finer points. Come let me show you the stone myself and where I shall build our new Tower." You stroll with Leonore to the Law Stone. "I'll need you again as soon as you are ready. Even now I have questions which only you can answer. How did the Quarmallians create such a horrible place as the Barrens - for I have not seen something so miserable in all my travels. It makes the Stormlands look like a holiday resort?"

"In the days of the war, the Chaos Lords were strong in this world, the patrons of the Quarmallians. It was with their aid that the southern forests were laid waste so bitterly as the Quarmallian forces marched northwards. At Tovilyis, many of the greatest Quarmallian mage-priests and warriors died - as well as many of our own. Maybe that weakened the Lords of the Eight Darks. In any case, I don't believe the Quarmallians possess such power today, or they would surely have used it already; their hatred of us is long-lasting."

"Yes we must be alert, when we are better established here I will send scouts to keep an eye on their dungeon to the west. But what started this war between Elf and Quarmallian? The Gods themselves?"

"Perhaps a game for their amusement, when the world was young."

"I find the Gods sense of humour disturbing, maybe one day I will scout out their countries and make records of their amusement" You laugh.

"The Gods are powerful, Griflet, and petty and vengeful some of them. Be careful", says Leonore who doesn't get the humour.

What do you know of the Diamond Knight Al-Nisir? For he wore an amulet that bears a strong resemblance to the stone at the top of your staff. Is this stone magically? For I know where it lays and if it helps our cause it will be recovered."

"The stone at the tip of my staff is used to read the earth patterns of the Law Stones, and ley lines of force which crisscross Nehwon. Alas I fear my failed efforts at black sorcery have sullied the stone, for it no longer gives me reliable readings, or else I have lost the art of reading it. I believe Al-Nisr was a human who flew from the Eastern Lands on a flying horse. He aided the humans of the Lake-lands against Bolga, a giant who roused the Beastmen of Sibilan to war many years ago. Our people were involved in that battle too, and the human Druids too, though those days of trust are long gone now."

"Mind your step here Leonore" pointing to some elven construction equipment left lying around. "Yes Al-Nisr I am aware of he`s tales were often told to me by Vardin and other people of the Lake land. A strange creature, half horse half man also knew much about him and sought his medallion. I found it ontop of the Red Rock when I first met the abomination. I can only presume Al-Nisr met an end at the hands of what had become of Coryon."

"It must be so."

"Look out...." Some elven children run screaming past. (Leonore watches them quizzically) "But can it be used for the better of Law? I believe from you`re words that it can. I shall have Merrick QuickString notified, he is a capable Elf who a lives a life similar to mine before the mark of kingship was placed apon me."

"Is your magic lost forever or is there some way we can recover your power?"

"I never had power, Griflet. Only a little, little knowledge."

You stops walking and turn to look at Leonore. "But the part of you which you placed into the Staff to escape that unnameable prison, have you recovered it? Can it be recovered? You`re Masters said you had promise, they believed you had power. That is why you were imprisoned..right?"

"I was imprisoned because Celedril's tower was specially magicked to hold those with power. I had that power, so I was held. But no longer. As a result of the spell I performed, some of my soul's energy was sucked uselessy into this crystal here. It weakens me, but allowed me to escape by relinquishing my power. Although I feel aged and stretched before my time, I don't ever want to be indoors again."

"I`m sad to hear that Leonore as I had planned a Tower of Knowledge jutting from the Top of the Law Tower which will be built here. The Tower was to be for you and the upcoming Geomancers. If it is your wish however then we shall make a more airy academy closer to the ground."

"Maybe just with an open air top, to observe the elements, and so that I don't feeled hemmed in by stone."He scratches his head and continues walking.

"Even without magic are you able to train young Geomancers and help them to develope there powers for the bindings of Law?"

He smiles. "Just two years ago I was a 'young Geomancer' myself, and I still feel that way in knowledge - an infant. But yes, certainly I can train others with what I know."

"Good then the House Geomancers will not die and our lore shall be carried beyond our time. Find 12 of the most capable young Elves and have them trained as soon as possible. These Twelve prodigies shall latter train their own 12 and so on. Ahhh! here`s the Stone! I must go now Leonore, there is much for me to do. There are great Tomes still beneath the Ruins of Torvilyus, maybe they are of some use...anyway, if there is anything that you need to accomplish your task be sure to let me know."

A RIDE WITH WINDWOOD - Day of the Parrot (11th), Seed Moon, Year of the Lamia

"Master Windwood? Saddle your horse, we go East once more!"

"Uh-y-yes Griflet!" Windwood dashes off to the stables.

With the exhilharation of the wind in your hair, you ride at speed from the compound on Mudanya, with Windwood's horse lagging somewhat behind. You ride deep into the night as the waxing moon rises huge and yellow above the trees. The journey at speed takes just over two days (when the track is finished, you know you'll be able to make it here in two days if necessary); riding through the woods at speed is hard going. Tiring, but it's fatigue which causes you to sleep deeply and without dreams. You burst out of the forest near the harbour on the morning of the Skunk (the 16th of Seed Moon). Jaern Shadowblade emerges from the boatshed looking surprised. You and Windwood look tired and ragged, and Mudyana is flecked with foam.

"Sire, what's wrong? What danger threatens?" asks Shadowblade, spear in hand, peering this way and that into the woods beyond.

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