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The Isle of Xenophon

[Thursday April 18, 2002]

Griflet's Report: "Exploration: mysterious and dangerous."

from The Journal of Jaern Shadowblade:

Day of the Skunk, Seed Moon, Year of the Lamia. Today Lord Griflet surprised me by riding out at full speed from the undergrowth near the Bay of Leaves in the new land of Black Earth's Bloom. I suspected an attack, but it was merely a bout of wildness in our strange new King.

Day of the Mouse, Seed Moon, Year of the Lamia. I am engaged in a strange adventure. I travel this day with the King and his right-hand man to the mysterious Isle of Xenophon, while Thion Bearspear returns home on the Greenwolf. I do not know what we will find on the island; all the tales I have heard speak of either haunting or bleak emptiness. I am prepared for anything.

Day of the Toad, Seed Moon, Year of the Lamia. We have arrived on the island, a bleak black rock of twisted nooks which howl and moan in the endless wind. Near our encampment the ground is a black glassy stone, smooth and cool, with deep crevices. Tomorrow we will journey across this strange monolith.

Day of the Swan, Seed Moon, Year of the Lamia. The only feature of interest on the Isle of Xenophon is a strange straight monolith of black stone, located in the north. It is some kind of structure, constructed by unknown beings. Inside it is empty, but perforated by a million tiny holes which give the impression of stars.

Day of the Shrew, Seed Moon, Year of the Lamia. The Isle of Xenophon is truly cursed! When we left the Isle, we found ourselves in unfamilar waters. The thrice-cursed monolith must have transported us somehow. Griflet has been very calm, he seems unaffected by this..maybe he knew something about the Isle all along..? [later] We have reached a new Isle, previously unknown to me, the Isle of Oriab. The people here are strange. Humans, by the looks of them, but dressed in richer silks than any humans I have seen. This is a town called Baharna. We have negotiated with the Town Council of this place to turn over to us a convicted criminal named Brazzibar the Unmerciful. Apparently there is a place known as the Accursed Valley where we can find out how to return to Nehwon - in exchange for this human's life. I suppose we must do what is necessary, though I am not entirely happy with the situation.

Day of the Bat, Seed Moon, Year of the Lamia. The Accursed Valley is aptly named: a dry circle of hills surround a parched plain of dust, littered with large boulders. These boulders are some kind of entity; they can speak and answer questions in an oracular way - in return for the blood of our sacrifice. The place reeks of Chaos, but we have our answer: every full moon, the Ghost Isle (as the Isle of Xenophon is known here) appears in the Southern Sea. That means we must linger in this world for another two or three weeks. I like it not.

Day of the Hare, White Witches' Moon, Year of the Lamia. I do not like this Isle of Oriab or its folk. I wish the moon were full and not new. I would see the Blessed Isle again.

Day of the Hawk, White Witches' Moon, Year of the Lamia. We are away at last, and the Isle of Xenophon has been sighted. Soon, with luck, we will be back in Nehwon in the Sea of the East.

Day of the Butterfly, White Witches' Moon, Year of the Lamia. I never thought I would be so happy to see the Bay of Leaves and my unfinished work. I pray to the Powers that it will be some time before the King wishes to go exploring again!

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