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Dark Eyes Watching

[Tuesday July 9, 2002]

Griflet's Report: "Envious eyes watch our borders"

HELIAS' LABYRINTH - Day of the Hare (1st), Ghost Moon, Year of the Lamia

Helias talks about the defenses of Tovilyis: "Although you penetrated the upper levels with relative ease, this was because you were a small force and unexpected, and because the areas you entered are rarely disturbed. For me, that is no excuse. I failed in my duty. However, the deeper levels are far better protected, by traps, grimlock nests, guard points and, in some areas sorcerous glyphs filled with destructive power. Even if I were to further betray my people by describing to you the path through these obstacles, there is nevertheless a labyrinth of interconnected passages, well-known to those who defend. Any assault force would likely be surrounded or ambushed from the flanks. I doubt if even my knowledge would protect your forces. Thanks to our grimlock slaves, we are usually quickly aware of intruders. Grimlocks have an excellent sense of smell. The Regent himself is a sorcerer and surrounds himself with sorcerers, though he does not trust them fully."

"It is indeed elves among all things that I fear the most. Your kin are clever Helias and cause me great apprehension."

RETREAT FROM STONE JETTY - Day of the Hare (1st), Ghost Moon, Year of the Lamia

You look out over the defences of the Stone Jetty.

"While you have done much work here Master Helias this place has now become a liability to us. We must make plans to depart. There is a river inland to the South. It will offer greater protection and safety form both the land and water. We can protect our ships within the lake and hold the city by the river and the hills to the South East and know well the forests that lie below them. Now work with the wall is complete at the place of the Lawstone. I'll send workers to the river which will be named Diamond to start the construction along with a small guard."

"You Helias must see to the orderly evacuation of this defence. May it be over a period of time and by daylight even in cargo holds men should be shipped out southward to help with the construction of the new port and its defences."

"I understand and obey, Sire." says Helias stiffly.

TRAPS AND TRACKS - Day of the Spider (6th), Ghost Moon, Year of the Lamia

Your tracking efforts around the tunnels reveal the footsteps of Grimlocks and armoured elves around the tunnels; no surprise there. It seems that there have been watchers since the day of the attack also, though you see no one. The tunnels stretch away into darkness.

With the help of labourers, you devise many traps and dummy defenders for the Stone Jetty settlemen, scarecrow watchers that seem to turn periodically, or walk the battlements, or bring their hand to their mouth and yawn. You have loaded the Swan Ship with many supplies and people, leaving only the buildings, the palisade with its fake defenders, and the Head of Bloodbane, its blank eyes staring up into the sun in the middle of the settlement. You take the time to compose a small verse, which you place on a plaque near the mummified Foe's head.

WINDWOOD'S FIRST MISSION - Day of the Scorpion (7th), Ghost Moon, Year of the Lamia

Windwood rides into town. "Sire, w-well met! I have r-returned from the v-village to the w-west. Master Corinth sent me here. The village is a s-small settlement, about a-a score of hu-humans. The buildings are m-made of giant wh-whalebones, bleached in the sun. The humans did not detect our p-presence. They seem quite pr-primitive, Sire, though n-not so much as the Beggars of T-Tovilyis. They do not s-seem interested in the l-lands beyond their village."

NEWS OF THE NOMADS - Day of the Scorpion (7th), Ghost Moon, Year of the Lamia

Later that day, you receive a message from a carrier bird:

Gelblin reports that his encounter with the southern nomads was inconclusive. The nomads were wary but did not attack. Gelblin delivered your message, but the nomads' response was non-committal. It was hard to translate their dialect, but they seemed unmoved by your offer of hospitality. Gelblin returned to Whispering Stone today with his troops. Our scouts have the tribe under observation; as of yesterday they showed no sign of leaving. I await your orders.

Corinth of House Protector

You take a last look at the Stone Jetty Settlement, then turn and leave.

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