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The Shadow and the Stars

[Wednesday September 4, 2002]

Griflet's Report: "Law must spread to other lands."

MIDNIGHT IN THE CHURCH OF THE EAGLE'S WAY - Night of the Butterfly (18th), Murderer's Moon, Year of the Lamia

The night after the arrest of the treacherous Porthos You enter the Temple of Law unseen with Arborius (carrying a chest of 500 gold). Kellin watches the entrance and signal approaches with the appropriate bird whistle.

All three remain hooded as before.

You speak to Alcius: "It is well that you trusted me Templar Alcius Maximus and the forces of Law prevail. As you must know by now we are servants to the boundaries of Law. I have seen much Templar Alcius and travelled far, Chaos growls lurching at the fringe - order must prevail. This gold should serve you well to establish a more secure Temple and to promote the message of Law amongst your people. Use it to hire some loyal guards for the temple and train new acolytes."

Alcius is taken aback when he sees the chest of gold. "Good sir, I am sorry I doubted you. This is a wonderful gift! Thank you, I shall surely do as you ask."

"What of the Mayor and council members? If they indeed promote the values of Law they will support a stronger Eastern defence against the very Beastmen that proliferate foul chaos. You must convince them to support Vaardins Rangers with able men and supplies. Remind them of their recent Battle. Let not brave men have died in vain."

"Yes, the Council will listen to me, as I am a man of importance in this towne."

"As for the traitor Porthos it is imperative we find out who he was working for. He was obviously under some orders from some servant of chaos to kidnap those people for a ritual killing. Find these answers out. My servants will return next the moon is dark."

"We are the Shadows of the Whispering Stone. Sworn to serve the Foundations of Law."

"Uh, yes, fare well" says Alcius, still somewhat bewildered by all the events of the past few days. You disappear.

WORDS IN THE TAVERN OF QUIET CONTEMPLATION - Night of the Butterfly (18th), Murderer's Moon, Year of the Lamia

At the tavern you speak to Kellin: "Use the rest of this money (1500gp) and buy us a ship. It should be an armed merchant ship. Use it to move the rest of the Elves from the Compound down south. Vaardin should be able to help you, at least to get the Elves or ship over the other side of the river unnoticed. Arborius can negotiate this on my behalf. Once you have ensured the safety of the people I need you to head to Antim Town for news of what goes on there. Make contact with my daughter and send word to Black Annie that I have need of her. ;> Antim town is vital to the safety of the Lakes and Rivers. I need to know of it's policy makers and if chaos ferments there..."

"Yes of course Griflet. I might add - I already know who contacted Porthos. It was a beastman priest by name of Yarl G'Nai. After Arborius and I disrupted the beastmens' little ritual, we pursued this character northwards as far as the Throat, but he was very cunning, or perhaps usd some sorcery to evade us.

"Hmm... this is something of importance and has great relevance to these events. Why didn't you inform me earlier? Regardless, Arborius will watch closely the woods and inform Vaardin to have his rangers watching the movement through the throat as best they can."

Kellin says, a little stiffly. "I did inform you of Yarl G'Nai's involvement, in my letter of last spring. I know that he has not returned southwards. The ritual was disrupted, the plot foiled, the villain...despatched, if not killed."

"Relax Kellin, anyway I want you to use the money you dont spend on a ship with a crew (willing to work away for 12 months), and labourers, beasts of burden and tools to help spend the work on The Diamond's Mouth (name of new settlement on the diamond river).The Humans will be used as labour at the quarry and on the walls. They will be paid handsomely apon completion of the work. I'll send the Swan ship and some Elven Guards and Sailors to help you."

You turn to Arborius: "Ask Vaardin for what help he can spare. I'm leaving you and Gorianthus with 10 Soldiers from Helias' Guard. Train the youths well. I'll need you to return at the eclipse for Alcius' report. Send it to me with this hawk."

"As you wish, Griflet."

WEAVING THE WEB OF SHADOWS AND STARS - Night of the Cat (21st), Murderer's Moon, Year of the Lamia

The Swan Ship loads up with supplies and a few passengers from the compound and sails south across the Upper Lake. Two days later, just before the final quarter of Muderer's Moon, you arrive in Diamond, where work continues. You feast with all. During the feast, you ask Leonore, "How goes your search of the Mountains Leonore? Have you found Diamonds, mithril or steel beneath this great spine of earth?"

Leonore sighs, "There is much beneath the earth of which we are unaware, Sire. Not all of it is precious to us, nor worthy of disturbance for the sake of jewels. However, this town of Diamond will be situated correctly according to the leys. Mines and tunnels are for the svarts and nibelungen - or perhaps for the Shawei."

"Even still, your orders we're to look for good quarries by the river, for easy transport of good Big chunks of solid Rock for these defences, and possible diamond source. There is not need for mines simply good, open cut quarries, now I suggest you follow your orders closer in the North."

"Oh the quarry, yes I almost forgot about that. I found a suitable site almost immediately. Since then I have been pondering deeper matters, measuring the ley-lines...north you say?"

You motion for him to move closer and speak softer. "I'll have need of your talents in the North. The Shadow Stones and Stars need your learned knowledge in languages, customs and Lore (of the common races as well as our own). When your work here is done, you are to go North to the old Elven compound and relieve Gorianthas who will work for 6 months before returning to Whispering Earth. The children are to start learning languages, Human dialects High for the Stars and Low for the Shadows. You have six months to perfect your Art Master Leonore, I am your King now and an Elven King expects much. Good Luck Leonore."

"Of course, Sire. I will do my best."

HOOVES ACROSS THE SIGHING PLAIN - Day of the Swan (22nd), Murderer's Moon, Year of the Lamia

In the morning you ride North to track the Northern plains of Tovilyis. You spend a week roaming the Sighing Plain with Helias, your sharp eyes observing all. Nothing but grass and the occasional rabbit moves on the plain. There is no sign of movement from Tovilyis.

"All is beneath the ground these days, Sire," comments Helias. "In the darkness. Though the light on this plain is harsh, yet I pity my kinfolk that they shall never see it. From here I see great Tovilyis as what it truly is, a tumbled-down ruin of its former glory. I mourn it still."

You return to Diamond, and then to Whispering Stone.

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