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The Hunter Returns

[Wednesday, May 27, 1998]

Griflet's Report: “Choices, old and new, present themselves.”

FAREWELL TO POLYDICES - Mole (23rd), Wolf's Moon, Year of the Gorgon

In the Dragon-hoard you discover many precious weapons of ancient Elven make. Among the treasure you find Coryon's White Ivory Bow, studded with pearls and diamonds. You also take some other pieces, though you are not entirely sure of their cultural or material worth.

Polydices waits outside carrying a few of the smaller Quarmallian machines from the hoard. “I have been thinking about your request.” Says Polydices. “Here, take this and open it if you wish to contact me.” He hands you a small hand-sized box, made of bronze and engraved on the top with the eight-arrowed symbol of Chaos. When you open it I will know where you are, and I will make speed to your location. Until we meet again, Griflet, fare well.”

“So long, Polydices, may the wind carry you!”, you say.

He turns and walks into the forest, the dragon-claws slung over his shoulder. He does not look back.

A HERO'S WELCOME - Squirrel (26th), Wolf's Moon, Year of the Gorgon

You ran for three days along the hidden paths of the Forest of Sibilan, avoiding crude Beastmen. Your whole body feels like a sack of lead. It is evening when you jog wearily into the Elven compound a few miles to the north of Vardin's dugout. Your arrival causes an immediate stir. You dump the Dragon's head in the central square. Although all you want to do is sleep, you watch as the crowds gather around you in the twilight. You spot Gorianthas and other familiar faces in the crowd. There is a hush; the elves are awed by your trophy.

My people, we have been driven here by the forces of Chaos but today we are avenged!! Bloodbane the jailer of Imric and scorcher of Tovilyis is no more. With some help I found his cave and put an end to his tyranny. We are the high race, we are the first-dwellers, we are the descendants of Celedril and we will never be held to fear by lesser snakes, spiders, beasts and their kind! From this day forward we will build a new elven empire, a new country, a future stronger than the elder oaks and I promise you nothing will stand in our way.”

There is a loud cheer - quite a show of emotion for the normally reserved elves. You know that you have pleased and inspired the crowd with your speech.

Gorianthas is also impressed. Later, he comes up to congratulate you personally, at which point you arrange to meet with the rest of the faction leaders.

“If I'm not mistaken, that grand bow you carry is none other than Coryon's White Bow, the Moonbow. Was that in the Dragon's Hoard? What other treasures did you leave behind? Where is Bloodbane's lair?

You do not answer his questions immediately, preferring to sleep and wait to speak to the gathered faction leaders.

COUNCIL OF THE ELVES - Rat (27th), Wolf's Moon, Year of the Gorgon

You explain to the gathered faction leaders your plan to lead an expedition to the Isle of Zecy.

GORIANTHAS OF THE ROYALIST FACTION: Although initially opposed on principle to elves setting foot on Zecy again, your arguments were persuasive. He agrees that much has changed for the People since the edict was announced. However from his questions during the session, you get the impression that he is more interested in the Dragon-hoard than the Zecy expedition. He approves of your idea, but thinks maybe you should direct a military operation to retrieve the hoard for the People instead.

TOLINTHIS OF HOUSE MERCANTILE: Tolinthis'eyes light up when he hears of the treasures to be had at the Dragon-hoard; again, he is less interested in the Zecy expedition but has no moral objection. House Mercantile has settled quite well into a trading routine with Lorn Velpa. You feel that Tolinthis is really not that interested in another great Leavetaking. Tolinthis seems to defer to Gorianthas in most decisions, you note.

CORINTH OF HOUSE PROTECTOR: By natural succession according to the complex protocols of House Protector, Corinth is the appointed House Leader after Ash. Corinth is a warrior, and not well-versed in the art of politicking and smooth-speaking. He is new to this position so he does not say much. He (somewhat stubbornly) maintains that an edict is an edict, and that Zecy should be left alone. He is impressed, though by your defeat of Bloodbane. He does not seeem as keen on the Dragon-hoard as Gorianthas and Tolinthis. Corinth is very conservative, distrustful of change, protective of his House and his elves. He knows that it would be House Protector which would be at risk gleaning the Dragon's stolen treasure.

WORD FROM MERRICK QUICKSTRING - Scorpion (7th), Seed Moon, Gorgon

Word comes by messenger from Merrick Quickstring, dated Day of the Hare, Seed Moon, Year of the Gorgon:

Acting upon your directions I located the grave of the centaur Lana Softhooves, near the ruins of Imric's Hold. It is undisturbed. The elves who remain here fare poorly. Winter has not been kind to them I fear.
I hope this information is of use to you.
Merrick Quickstring

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