Facts about Whispering Earth

Banner of Immutable Law

Current as of Satyr's Moon, Year of the Sea Serpent


General Information

Ruler: Griflet

Main population centres

Whispering Stone, Diamond (port, Upper Lake of Pleea), Bay of Leaves (port, Sea of the East)


3400 elves. Of these 1175 able-bodied survivors of Imric's Hold and 400 are warriors from the Blessed Isle. Imric's elves are divided into Houses, which are roughly equivalent to human Guilds or families. Main Houses are:

House Royal
(1) {technically belongs in 'Other assorted Houses' below} The King currently has no heir except for two bastard half-humans. These are not considered suitable candidates for kingship by House Servitor.
House Alchemicus
House of Beauteous Eyes
(105) This House includes the sculptor and architect Grogromanth
House of Hands
(300) Craftspeople and builders
House of Lore
(120) Librarians, historians, bards
House Mercantile
(150) Led by Tolinthis, this House is composed of merchants who trade with outsiders
House Protector
(350) Because of their martial skills, a disproportionate number of members of this House survived the Nightmare. Their leader is Corinth
House Servitor
(15) Also called the House of the Stewards; Gorianthas' House.
Other assorted Houses
(60) Many of these Houses have been broken by loss of their senior members. Much knowledge has been lost. Included here is the House of the Geomancers, Leonore's house.

The Clans of Zeçy

Four clans of the Nine have a presence in Whispering Earth:

Corinth's Military Information

Military forces

The Whispering Protectors (250 troops):

  1. 100 Heavy Horsemen
    (200 Horses and 100 Squires)
  2. 50 Light Horsemen
    (50 Squires)
  3. 25 Engineers
    (5 Repeating Bolt throwers mounted on chariots)[This may take some work from Leonore and perhaps Grogromanth or another learned machine builder.] The idea is to be able to fire on a large arc while the horses are driven by a well armoured driver. It's speed should be maintained by making it lead by three horse: 2 workers and a Strong pack leader at the front, like a trianlge. 3 spare horses are ridden and taken care of by 3 support engineers.]

All Soldiers are expected to know House Battle Language AND basic fire signalling.

The 5 Divisions (150 troops)

Each division consists of:

  1. A leader
  2. 20 Hvy. Horsemen (1 lieutenant and 4 sergeants)
  3. 10 Light Horsemen (2 sergeants)
  4. 1 chariot with a bolt thrower.
NOTE: Each DIVISION is also expected to have at least 1 soldier trained in Falconry, 1 in Trumpet signalling and another in Drum signalling. This can be divided amongst a minimum of 2 soldiers, never three. [BTW- Helias is to be given command of one of the divisions.]

Elite Corps (65 troops)

(These are only recruited from the regs, by merit in competitions. They do NOT train squires) :

  1. 35 Royal Scouts(Lead by: Kellin, Arborius and Windwood)
  2. 15 Keepers of Law (Answerable only to Gorianthus, Leonore and of course the King.)
  3. 25 Kings Guard (Answerable to none except the King himself)

Note: the Elite Corps are not yet recruited.

Enemies/Security risks

(numbers unknown) located beyond the Mountains of Hunger
(numbers unknown) located beneath the ruins of Tovilyis
Hek tribesmen
(350) located south of the Silveredge River, on the border of the Quarmall Barrens
(numbers unknown) located north of the Sighing Plain
Humans (north)
(several thousand) located in the lake-lands of Pleea and beyond. Threat level minimal
Humans (east)
Traders from Eastern Lands across Sea of the East. Threat level low
Unknown menaces from Quarmall Barrens
(?) located south of Whispering Earth
Unknown menaces from Isle of Xenophon
(?) Occasional gateway to another dimension

Tolinthis' Economics Report


Whispering Earth
Timber, herbs, pottery, glass, some precious stones and metal, Oriab silk
Lake-lands of Pleea
Fish, livestock, weaponry
The Eastern Lands
Horses, slaves, spices

Trading possibilities

The following can be traded with profitably: