Northern Lankhmar Continent

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1,200 kilometres (750 miles)

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mini-map of northern lankhmar continent
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The northern Lankhmar Continent was the setting for the Adventures of the Fellowship of Mystery (Berghof and Irilian), the Stormlands Campaign (the Stormlands), the Stormlands 2 campaign (Stormlands, Forest of Sibilan and Lakes of Pleea), Griflet's Adventures (Forest of Sibilan, Lakes of Pleea and Whispering Earth), the Earth's End adventure (Earth's End), the Greedy City adventure (Lankhmar, Earth's End) and the Dunmere Hills adventure (Berghof).

  1. Lankhmar region
  2. The Stormlands
  3. Mountains of Darkness
  4. Lakes of Pleea
  5. Berghof and the Sword Coast
  6. Whispering Earth