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The Open Sea

Day of the Minnow (2nd) to Day of the Raven (5th), Murderer's Moon, Year of the Lamia [27/6/2002]

The Sea of the East


small map of the
Old CoastMorgan sets course and hopes for favourable winds. He tries to teach Bra'haa to helm and take a watch. He explains to Bra'haa what is required using his poor Eastern. Bra'haa seems to understand and be willing to help out. However, he doesn't seem too interested in conversation. It is a warm summer's day (the Day of the Minnow - auspicious)as the 'Grey Owl' sails away from Kadesh Port and into the Sea of the East. Morgan's companion sits silently, swathed in his black robes as if he feels no heat. Morgan taps the five gold coins in his pouch and hopes the voyage will not be too long. It is good to smell the sea air and feel the motion of the boat. It seems like a long time that he's been a landlubber. 'Grey Owl' seems to handle well on the open water. The winds are fair and soon the dry coast drops away aft.

Bra'haa talks little, and only when spoken to. His eyes constantly scan the horizon. At night the Nehwon stars shine brightly in clear skies. Morgan awakens the first night to see his shipmate bathed in a milky glow like soft moonlight. He seems to be muttering to some small form with glittering eyes in the sleeve of his robe. Morgan does not catch his words, and sleep overcomes him once more. Two days pass, and he corrects his course slightly. He has passed the three islands along his route, and now the distant coast of the Lankhmar Continent is visible.


In the late afternoon of the third day (a little later than he predicted due to your course change), Morgan approaches Moorsh. The small village squats at the entrance to the Quarmallian Canal, which links the Sea of the East with the broad River Hlal which winds to Lankhmar. There has been some erosion where the Canal cuts into the continent; you spot strange runes near the waterline. Bra'haa is standing in the prow, looking forward eagerly. To you, there does not seem to be much of interest. The buildings of Moorsh are low and domed like beehives. A wall of red and black stones protects the town from the surrounding forest, which appears thick and inpenetrable. As 'Grey Owl' pulls up to the lone pier, you spot others in the dirt streets dressed similarly to Bra'haa. A strange place, this Moorsh. You remember sailors' stories about its denizens, black wizards, renegades from the Eastern Lands you've heard. They keep to themselves and most people leave them alone to their rituals.

Bra'haa turns to you as he disembarks, "I thank you for returning me safely, Captain. We of Moorsh do not forget good service. Call on me again when you next come by this way; I may have further need of you." With that he produces another gold coin from his robe and hands it to you. Then he strides away.

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