Nehwon Links

Here are some links to other Nehwon roleplaying-related sites. There aren't so many campaigns out there which run in the world of Nehwon, which is a shame. However, I have found these links very useful:

Scrolls of Lankhmar

An excellent gazetteer of all things Nehwonian, gathered with painstaking care from the books by Charles Fewlass. This is a great resource for general background about Nehwon and Lankhmar. (For more detailed information about my Nehwon campaign, see the Nehwon Index.)

Lankhmar: Carnival of Swords

This was a live-roleplaying session set in Lankhmar hosted by Scott Martin. Scott has written interesting articles about the tone and background of a Nehwon campaign.

Yahoo Lankhmar Group

A group where people can discuss Lankhmar, Nehwon and roleplaying there.