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Quarn's Dream

Night of the Hare (New Moon), Thunder Moon, Year of the Sea Serpent [14/4/2001]

Howling Dog Inn, Sarheenmar.

Quarn finds himself in a huge pillared hall open to the sky. The thin crescent new moon peeps over the top of the looming walls. The stars shine brightly and he can see his way. At the end of the hall is a huge throne of pearl. As he approaches he sees an enormous figure on the throne. Nearby on the steps is a hunched black robed figure.

"I'm so glad you could make it, Quarn, my handsome, powerful, manly Hero", coos Hecate from the throne, wearing a dazzlingly minimalist garment. "You've served me well - served me so well there's no need any longer for you to serve any other - is there, Seven-eyes?" Her voice acquires an edge of steel.

Ningauble's eyes whiz around inside his hood.

"In spite of the fact that I have received from you goods to the total of merely one-fifth of the amount originally stipulated in our bargain," intones Ning's voice, somewhat dejectedly "and furthermore, even in the light of your gross and impudent theft of two of my fine cushions and your unpardonable roasting of my favourite parrot Nancy -"

"Get to the point, Wizard!"

Ningauble gives a defeated sigh "...I hereby do absolve thee, Quarn the Mingol Sorceror of all duties, responsibilities and obligations in connection to or arising from the so-called Wizard's Quest or boons, favours owed to my person etc. etc. including but not limited to the retrieval or attempted retrieval of any remaining of the stipulated aforementioned goods. I would like to add at this point that -"

"Enough!" says Hecate. She picks up the robed wizard by the scruff of the neck,and he hangs limply like a kitten, though still nothing but darkness is visible in the folds of his robe. His many eyes wink shut at once. With a flick of Hecate's slender wrist he is gone.

"Now Quarn, we are alone. Just the two of us. You are my Hero, Quarn, my potent Champion. Serve me faithfully and your power will be unimaginable." She traces a long fingernailed finger down Quarn's chest to his heart, making his flesh and spine tingle with pleasure.

"Ride at dawn to the hill which overlooks this insignificant town. There swear your undying allegiance to Me. I see great things in your future, Quarn. Great power that mere mortals only dream of. It shall be yours if you do my bidding. Now go."

The pillars and the beautiful goddess fade from sight. Quarn's eyes flutter open. It's about 4am in his room in the Inn of the Howling Dog in Sarheenmar. All is quiet. The city of Sarheenmar sleeps beneath the new moon low in the sky.

He waits until just before dawn then dons his armour, grabs his scimitar and places his Mingol helmet upon his head. He then waxes his mustache 'just so' and leaves the inn quietly. He heads for the stables, saddles up Oohool and rides out to the hill which overlooks Sarheenmar.

When the first light of dawn shows at the horizon, Quarn draws his scimitar and points it at the new sun. Quarn then screams out in Mingol "Oh Hecate, Mistress of Mystery, give me the power that I deserve. I will use this power for our greater glory, from now through all times! I claim this power as a sorceror of the Forbidden City of Black Idols, and will serve you Hecate in return! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!"

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