Polash LARSEN Jacqueline HUGHSON

Sharkey's World

An Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM by Patrick Maslen. Exhibited at MILIA 2000.

Here is no life no sound but light and motion. I wait by the statue as Sharkey circles his world in his white space-suit, eyes and mouth frozen closed in a faint smile.

Sharkey's World is a bleak, apocalyptic piece set in a possible future in which the Earth no longer exists. The Visitor finds him- or herself marooned on a barren rock in space, circled endlessly by the dead astronaut Sharkey. Scattered around the tiny planetoid and especially in Sharkey's spartan underground room are the fragments of this man's life; documents, objects and dreams. Perhaps the Visitor might uncover a clue to his or her own past among the debris of Sharkey's World.

© 1998 by Patrick Maslen